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Q Acoustics 3020

Q Acoustics 3020
Q Acoustics 3020 Q Acoustics 3020 Q Acoustics 3020 Q Acoustics 3020 Q Acoustics 3020
Brand: Q Acoustics
Product Code: Q3020
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Q Acoustics 3020 Bookshelf Speaker Set - pair


Like its smaller sibling, the medium sized 3020 bookshelf model benefits from the advanced, low distortion, wide dispersion, new 3000 Series Concentric Ring Dome tweeter; uprated 'audiophile' crossover and improved low resonance cabinet. In addition, it boasts a larger 125mm drive unit, with the new Aramid Fibre/Paper cone material. This larger driver delivers an extended bass response with fast dynamics, wonderfully open, realistic midrange and an extraordinary 'being there' three dimensional soundstage.

The new 3020 is the natural choice for music lovers who want to experience 'full performance', superb quality sound in small and medium sized rooms.

The 3000ST or 3000WB allow the 3020 to be stand or wall mounted

Image 1 Black Leather, 2 > American Walnut, 3 > Gloss Black, 4 > Graphite Black, 5 > White

The 3000WB Wall Bracket is a unique 'Tilt and Turn' loudspeaker bracket. It's adjusted via a single Allen bolt and allows the 3010, 3020 and 3090C models to be mounted almost flat to the wall or angled down and/or sideways.

For a perfect visual finish, each bracket comes complete with both black and white bottom covers. It's simple to use, offers flexible positioning and looks great.


3020 Shelf/Standmount

Three great reviews so far. An ecstatic 'Five Star' review from What HI-FI? and equally great reviews from Forbes Magazine online and 'TheAudiophileMan' website.

What HI-FI? says of the 3020:

"Another outstanding budget standmounter from Q Acoustics."

"Exceptional combination of refinement, insight and dynamics."

"The 3020s deliver a fabulous sound for the money - well beyond the typical expectations of a sub-£300 speaker."

Forbes magazine says:

"clarity and authority that I really hadn't heard before from such a small source."

"I don't think I've come across a budget speaker that offers such an incredibly engaging performance at such an affordable price."

"if you are considering buying a pair of bookshelf speakers for use in a smaller room, then don't look any further because the Q Acoustics 3020 really lead the pack."

The full review can be read here says:

"the 3020s do punch above their weight"

"there is a distinct 'audiophile' edge in terms of the clarity and transparency to these speakers that, for the price, is quite startling."

"compared to other speakers within a similar price the 3020s were not only attractive but dominant in their sonic presentation."

"the open and spacious upper mids, blew the other speakers out of the water."

"the 3020s offered fun, freedom and a real sense of joy to the music"

The full review can be seen here



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