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Audio Cables

Audio Cables

HI-FI cables, stereo cables call them what you will, this general labelled term covers a wide range of products all related to sound reproduction. The humble stereo & sub interconnect are the most common and hundreds of pre-built designs thrive in the world of hi-fi today. A lot of these are tried and tested and have been around for many years, why change something when its proven to work?

Ecosse Reference cables and more recently introduced to TM3Connections, Black Rhodium and Oyaide give us an excellent foundation to work with. A wealth of products coupled with accessible knowledge to boot, all backed up with materials and designs that work and work very well. 

With all interconnects it is imperative that cable selection is done correctly, the matching of cables to suit your system is paramount. Some will work much better than others and give you that wow effect, some will provide an extra ounce of neglible detail, buying cables can become an addictive habit !

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