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Stereo Audio Cables

Stereo Audio Cables

The humble audio interconnect offers the largest group of products available to us. Combined with speaker cables these hi-fi connections are paramount to providing a good foundation and linkage in any system. Selection from such a wide range of products can be difficult and knowing which cable is suited to your system can be daunting.

This is where the fun comes into audio, dramatic changes and enhancements can be made from upgrades or by simply selecting different construction materials and connectors.

TM3Connections offer a wide range to choose from and we hope to continually add to our selection of RCA and XLR audio cables.

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Alpha line stereo cable
ADL by Furutech Alpha Line 1 interconnect (1.0m) All metal parts and conductors treated with th..
Black Rhodium Concerto Interconnect
Black Rhodium Concerto Stereo Interconnect CONCERTO is a new stereo interconnect cable designed t..
Black Rhodium Opus Interconnect
Black Rhodium OPUS Stereo Interconnect Opus will bring any budget system to life, through the fol..
Black Rhodium Oratorio DCT++ Interconnect
Black Rhodium ORATORIO DCT++ Stereo Interconnect The latest incarnation of this ever popular..
Black Rhodium Phantom DCT++ Interconnect
Black Rhodium PHANTOM DCT++ Stereo Interconnect Stunning performance, at an affordable price! ..
Black Rhodium Rhapsody Interconnect
Black Rhodium Melody Stereo Interconnect Black Rhodium MELODY and RHAPSODY stereo interconne..
Ecosse Baton MKII Hi-Fi Cable
Ecosse The Baton mkII Using the ‘trickle down' theory, we looked at The Symphony Interconnect and..
Ecosse Best Boy Stereo cable
Ecosse The Composer 1.0mt  The Ecosse Composer Interconnect is the cheapest cable on the pla..
Ecosse Conductor Hi-Fi Cable
Ecosse The Conductor This has to be one of the most acclaimed mid-priced interconnects of all tim..
Ecosse Legend Hi-Fi Cable
The Legend SE MKII The Ecosse research and development team, realising the need for an interconne..
Ecosse Maestro MA2 Hi-Fi Cable
Ecosse The Maestro Many cable companies  ‘trickle down' their cables ideas and attributes. W..
Ecosse Master Reference Hi-Fi Cable
The Master Reference Our cryogenic masterpiece - Drawing on all the strengths - in terms of const..
Ecosse Nu Diva Hi-Fi Cable
Ecosse Nu-Diva  In terms of price-versus-performance The NuDiva may well be the most impress..
Ecosse Prima Donna Hi-Fi Cable
La Prima Donna  An Audiophile-Reference Grade cable La Prima Donna Analog Intercon..
Ecosse Symphony Hi-Fi Cable
The Symphony Realising the full potential of the new 'super audio' formats, with their wide dynam..
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