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Ecosse CS2.3 Speaker Cable

Ecosse CS2.3 Speaker Cable
Brand: Ecosse
Product Code: CS2.3 Speaker Cable
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Ecosse CS2.3 speaker cable - Speaker cable Pair ( L & R )

The year it was released to the market it was awarded What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision's? Loudspeaker Cable of the Year 2000/01 - the following year it picked up another prestigious award from the same magazine.

CS2.3 DiagramThis 'speaker cable' has since garnered multiple worldwide 'Best-Buy' and 5-star reviews worldwide and offers sublime performance at a truly modest price. At its price point, it is without peer!!!
A recent customer couldn't have put in any better when he stated:

"A friend gave the CS2.3 cables to me just to "hear" them and, to be honest, when I came home and found how "little" they cost (in comparison with my Monsters) I got suspicious. Is it worth bothering to "hook 'em up"? I couldn't believe my ears! Absolutely fabulous! It seems to me that this was the missing "link" in my (music) system. They really "work" better than the Monsters M1mkII in my system (I've previously owned other amps and found the Monsters my favourites-also tried Van den Hull Revolution, Kimber 4TC, 8TC)! What a treat. I also believe that this cable (CS2.3) is, if not THE greatest, than among the greatest values in Hi-Fi business. I've never heard (until I've heard them) such a reasonably priced cable that could perform on such a High level! Astonishing." David from Yugoslavia

We get hundreds of testimonials like that-across all our cables.

The CS2.3 loudSpeaker cable preserves all the detail and energy that passes between your amplifier and 'speakers'. In construction, it comprises of a twisted pair, each of 260 UHP-OFCTM 99.9997% pure twisted copper strands. These are arranged first in 7 concentric bundles then woven into a precision rope-lay.


Large Cross Section

Having an unusually large cross-sectional area is exceptional by today's standards and would previously have been prohibitively expensive to bring to market at anywhere near this price, but economies of scale and a very competitive supply base enables Ecosse to do this in the current economic climate.

This larger cross-section area cable (3sq. mm) significantly lowers DC resistance - extending low frequency information - while its greater surface area extends high frequency information. The conductors are encased gently in a low dielectric loss polypropylene insulation and bound with paper and cotton wrapping. The cotton damping is particular effective at eliminating the deleterious effects of 'microphony vibrations' (resonances) - a consideration ignored by many of our established competitors. A soft vibration absorbing PVC sheath encircles and completes the cable construction

Used on its own in single-wired systems or driving all your speakers in your A/V installation, this cable is truly a winner. At this price we firmly believe you will not find a superior cable device.

May be terminated in z/x copper bananas or spades.

Technical Specifications

Comment UHP-OFCTM twisted pair conductors

Comment Superior low-loss Polypropylene dielectric

Comment Large 2.93mm conductor x-section

Comment 8mm circular OD soft PVC sheath

Reviews & Testimonials

Comment " won't do better than this corker of a speaker cable from - yep, you guessed it - Ecosse."
What HI-FI? Awards

Comment "...detailed and subtle, yet is capable of conveying plenty of slam when required. A great choice for the front speakers of midrange home cinema installations-better still wire up your whole system with it!"

What Video & TV Magazine, UK

Comment "Put simply, this cable is a steal at the price."

What HI-FI? Magazine, UK

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