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Ecosse ES2.23 Speaker Cable

Ecosse ES2.23 Speaker Cable
Brand: Ecosse
Product Code: ES2.23 Speaker Cable
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ES2.23+ speaker set - Speaker cable Pair ( L & R )

In its first year of launch the ES2.23+ loudspeaker cable (formerly ES2.3) received its first comparative review...

ES2.23+ Diagram...a 5-star/'Best-of-Test' (against many, more expensive cables) from What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Magazine. Next followed its second-a wonderful ovation from the prestigious audiophile Hi-Fi World Magazine. They said:

"...this cable is an example of high-end technology at a sensible price and one for the more 'experienced' audiophile wishing for an all round, yet advanced sounding cable."

This Premier+ Grade cable has almost 800 copper strands (400 per conductor) of our UF-UHP-OFC -we call this UltrafineTM-CopperTM- delicately woven wire-each just 0.07mm diameter. Never before has a cable comprising so many strands been packed into just 3 sq mm of cross-sectional conductor area, and offered at such a cost effective price.

Structurally, the ES2.23+ consists of twisted copper strands, low dielectric loss polypropylene insulation, cotton damping and soft PVC sheathing. The UltrafineTMcopper strands, in 7 concentric parallel bundles per conductor, are woven in a precision rope lay. The cotton damping is particular effective at eliminating the deleterious effects of 'microphony vibrations' (resonances) - a consideration ignored by many of our established competitors.

Ecosse, Setting new standards

With the ES2.23+, we at Ecosse Reference are proud to have produced yet another cable that sets new standards in the performance/price arena.

May be terminated in z/x copper bananas or spades.


Technical Specifications

Comment Ultra Hi-Purity-OFCTM multistranded conductors

Comment Superior low-loss PP dielectric insulation

Comment Rope-lay twisted pair configuration

Comment 3.00mm sq. conductor x-section

Comment Cotton paper and yarn filled

Comment 9.5mm circular o/d soft PVC jacket


Reviews & Testimonials

Comment " it has real strengths that grow and grow...a satisfying long term listening experience". Tonally it is very good-and the higher and lower frequency extremes isn't as nasal or as forced as the Atlas (cable)"
HI-FI Choice Magazine, UK

Comment "...This cable is an example of high-end technology at a sensible price and one for the more 'experienced' audiophile wishing for an all round, yet advanced sounding cable."

"...a fine audiophile sound that is clean as a whistle...the Ecosse cable has a good, deep bass response that was also immediate and taut." "..treble was sweet and smooth and the midrange well detailed and spacious."
HI-FI World Magazine, UK

Comment "Using ES2.23+ (nee ES2.3) our system sounded wonderful;clear and bright without being aggressive and with a bass that has weight and can't do better than the ES2.3 biwire"...make no mistake: Ecosse ES2.23+ (nee ES2.3) is superb."

What HI-FI? Sound and Vision Magazine, UK

Comment "..its response is smoothly and musically satisfying. There is no harsh edge added to musical instruments or vocalists..its behaviour remains unchanged no matter what type of music it is handling. It is right at home with Sinatra and Stravinsky. It has no significant flaws."

Tonal Balance: 90. Fit and Finish:80. Value: 92, USA

Comment "Specialising in taut and powerful bass, it also delivers exceptional subtlety and detail: string quartets are delivered with air, space and dynamics"

FOR: Space, dynamics and detail
AGAINST: Nothing
VERDICT: A fine cable at a very affordable price."
What HI-FI? Sound and Vision Ultimate Guide Magazine, UK


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