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Ecosse Maestro MA2 Hi-Fi Cable

Ecosse Maestro MA2 Hi-Fi Cable
Brand: Ecosse
Product Code: Maestro MA2
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Ecosse The Maestro

Many cable companies  ‘trickle down' their cables ideas and attributes. We do too but we also do trickle up, as in the case of the Maestro MA2 Interconnect...

Maestro Diagram..whereby the astounding early success of the Conductor CA1 interconnect, putting Ecosse on the world map, demanded that we take the basic structure of the CA1 (copper analog) and turn it into an MA2 (MonocrystalTManalog- that's how we get our nomenclature). All we changed was the copper conductors from UHP-OFC to near perfect zero-crystalline-boundary MonocrystalTM. Its success damn near blew us away-so astonishing in its across-the-board appeal has The Maestro MA2 Interconnect become.

Not surprising really when you consider the enviable construction quality and technically unsurpassed (at anything approaching its price point) conductor material that goes to make The Maestro.

MonocrystalTM for superior noise reduction

Not only is the  'going' and 'return' conductor multistrand ultra-pure grain-free proprietary MonocrystalTMCopper, (each single crystal of copper is a massive 1700m long, go figure!) but the tight double braiding of the latter offers-together with the addition screen of Conductive Polymer - 100% protection from environmental 'noise' pollution.

A ‘sandwich' dielectric of superior quality low-loss Polyethylene and ultra low-loss, low-density, increased-air (best earth-bound dielectric) gas-foamed Polyethylene (FPE+) ensures absolutely minimal signal energy loss down its length.

Our unique MonocrystalTM copper contact points MACH2 RCA phono plug terminations, with proprietary shielding (designed to form a 'Faraday Cage'- a device designed to maximise RF screening), ensure the finest performance available anywhere. Don't be fooled by the claims made by our unscrupulous competitors that they use similar copper plugs - they don't, instead they usually use mere imitation low-transmission-rate (about 28% only) brass!

If you are ready to upgrade your hi-fi or AV system to experience the audible benefits of MonocrystalTMtechnology, The Maestro MA2 is a necessity. The Maestro is not a cheap cable, but it may well be the least expensive upgrade you will ever make. Its ability to bring you ever closer to the music as the artist who performed it intended it to be heard - in terms of sound stage, clarity, detail, focus, high and low frequency extension and above all realism - is unparalleled at this price point!


The Maestro - already a legend in audiophile circles!

To maintain continuity and optimum conductivity, their contact points are made from MonocrystalTMcopper - same as the conductor wire itself (don't be fooled by inferior yet similar-looking brass plugs as used by some of our competitors, these are cheap and nasty!) Both centre pin and the return conjugate bracket (designed to form a 'Faraday Cage'- a device for reducing RFI) terminals or shells are direct silver hard-plated (others use 'flash-gold' plating which is a very thin coating that wears away very quickly and soon looks tarnished-you have been warned!). The plug casing is precision machined from highest quality copper alloy and is deep-plated. This thick casing offers further shielding - effectively asecond 'Faraday Cage' - and reduces the ingress and radiation of EMI, ESI and RFI 'noise' even further, to virtually zero.

The interface of shells and casing is one of high mechanical impedance, dissipating energy and rendering microphonic effects negligible.

These shells are designed to perform a 5-fold function:

  1. They provide a terminal to which the return/screen conductors can be firmly crimped and soldered.
  2. They incorporate tiny teeth that grip the cable firmly and evenly around its circumference without compressing the cable and thereby maintain the cable's characteristic impedance right up to the solder joint.
  3. When assembled, they form a Faraday cage, screening the signal right up to and including the RCA socket.
  4. They form a union of high mechanical impedance with the outer casing, dissipating energy and therefore rendering the plug immune to the effects of microphony.
  5. They firmly locate and clamp the centre pin's polypropylene dielectric, which, in conjunction with the outer casing, results in a strong, stable and extremely durable structure.

Technical Specifications

Comment MonocrystalTM rope-lay woven conductor

Comment MonocrystalTM close-lapped braid screen

Comment Conductive Polymer screen

Comment MACH2 MonocrystalTM Copper RCA

Comment Vibration-absorbing low density 9mm circular o/d LDPVC jacket

Comment SupersolderTM - our new ultra high purity silver and tin alloy solid wire-used in conjunction with our unique, passive organic flux. Together these ensure a joint with ultra low chemical contaminants and very high strength.


Reviews & Testimonials

Comment "...sonically they amaze... high-end system owners take note."
WHAT HI-FI Sound & Vision Magazine, UK


"Sonicamente o, Ecosse Maestro tem um bom equilibrio tonal,limpeza e extensao em ambos os extremos. Sua apresentacao de regiao media e bastante rica e detalhada."
Clubo do Audio & Video Magazine, Brazil

Comment Verdict:

The Ecosse Maestro MA2 is probably one of the most revealing cables I've heard. it does however require a lot of run in time."
Joel Kopping, AUDIO VIDEO MAGAZINE, South Africa

Comment "Another use of OCC copper, The Maestro's coaxial configuration (against the Navigator's pseudo balanced arrangement) gives a close approximation to the winners naturalness and fidelity"

Hi-Fi News and Record Review Magazine, UK

Comment "Once run in the Maestro proved to be one of the most revealing cables I've heard. It was almost alarming to hear sounds on music that I know well, that I'd not heard before. The revealing nature of the cable also extended to the sound stage. This increased in all directions and the definition of artists and instruments within this wider and deeper staging was also enhanced. I could for example detect how far behind the main vocalist the back up singers stood. Verdict The Ecosse Maestro MA2 is probably one of the most revealing cables I've heard. it does however require a lot of run in time."


Comment "...their rhythmic integrity and drive is excellent." 

HI-FI+ Magazine, UK

Comment " of the best...well-balanced qualities ranging from a stable bass and midband, quick, propulsive timing, expressive and subtle music phrasing, and a high degree of vocal intelligibility." "A heavyweight in every sense, this is a big sounding cable..."

Home Entertainment Magazine UK: Editors Choice, Cable of the Year

Comment "...Maestro do not sound inferior to an equivalent product that costs 5 times more..."

Audiotechnique Magazine, Hong Kong

Comment "...clarity and detail are top-notch, midrange and treble have great insight, while bass is both well extended and weighty. Expensive as it may be, the Ecosse MA2 is a superb choice for those in the market for an upper-echelon cable." 

WHAT HI-FI? Sound and Vision Awards, UK


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