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Furutech FI-09 IEC Inlet
FI-09 Panel inlet Specifications: Accommodates wire diameters to 4mm (set-screw) Dimensio..
Furutech FI-11-N
Furutech FI-11-N IEC connector 15A 125V / 10A 250V  < PS >E JET:15PJET086 USL /..
Furutech FI-11M AC Nema Connector
Furutech FI-11M AC Connector Furutech is known the world over for a huge variety of top-quality O..
Furutech FI-12 Angled Connector
Furutech FI-12LR High Performance Angled Connector - FI-E12LR (Schuko) - FI-12MLR (Nema) Hig..
Furutech FI-1363 High End UK mains Plug
Furutech FI-1363G or R  High end performance UK style 13amp Plug 24k Gold-plated or ..
Furutech FI-1363L Angled UK mains Plug
Furutech FI-1363-L High Performance Angled Mains Plug for UK  High End Performance BS-1363 C..
Furutech FI-28
Furutech F1-28 Gold or Rhodium High end IEC  Rating:15A 125V /10A 250V AC Features ..
Furutech FI-31G High current IEC
Furutech F1-31G 24K Gold plated 20A IEC High Performance 20A IEC Connector •Material: Nylon/fi..
Furutech FI-31MG 20A Power Connector
Furutech FI-31MG Gold plated 20A AC Connector Buy NOW * only 2 left in stock *  High..
Furutech FI-32MR Rhodium AC Connector
Furutech FI-32MR High Power 20A AC Connector High End Performance 20A Power Connector Rhodi..
Furutech FI-32R Rhodium 16A IEC
Furutech FI-32R Rhodium 16/20A IEC High End Performance 20A IEC Connectors Rhodium-Plated ..
Furutech FI-33 IEC Inlet
Furutech FI-33 20A IEC Inlet FI-33(G) 24k Gold-Plated or FI-33(R) Rhodium-Plated Type:2-p..
Furutech FI-50R High End IEC
Furutech FI-50R - FI-E50R(Schuko) - FI-50MR(Nema)  High end Rhodium IEC Connector • α (..
Furutech FI-52MR High End AC Connector
Furutech FI-52MR THE High End Performance 20A AC Power Connector • α (Alpha) Pure copper Rho..
Furutech FI-52R High End IEC
Furutech FI-52R  High end 20A IEC Connector • α (Alpha) Pure Copper Rhodium plated Cond..
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