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Cut Cables

Cut Cables

Changing cables has always been A priority for enthusiasts, getting that extra ounce of detail and performance from your system, making your own gives you complete satisfaction in a job well done.

Cables should be the first place to look at if you are planning to make any changes to your system.

Mains cables should and have always been the first place to look at if you are planning to make any changes to your system, we cannot stress the importance, even before changing interconnects, speaker cables and such " your mains is priority ". Changing your power cable feeding your system will bring benefits as many enthusiasts will tell you.

There are many designs made up of different materials and this can be quite daunting knowing which would serve you best. Spending  hundreds of pounds on a mains lead wont be a sensible suggestion if your system costs the same amount as the cable you bought, you need to match your cable accordingly.

Building your own is a sensible ploy and a growing trend.

TM3Connections we hope will give you products to help you " build your own " by offering cables cut from the reel.

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Dual Screened Mains cable
Dual Screened Cable RFI/EMI - priced per 1mt This flexible twin shielded cable makes a great main..
Based on 1 reviews.
Earthing Cable 4mm
4mm Earthing cable - per mt  Ideal for multiple bonding points or individual items. This..
Libra mains cable
Black Rhodium LIBRA F8 Mains Power Cable  Unterminated cut by the mt - priced per mt&nb..
Oyaide EE/FS 2.0 V2 Mains Cable
Oyaide EE/F-S 2.0 MKII PCOCC-A - Solid Copper Conductor Mains Cable - Priced per mt  ..
Oyaide FTVS-510
Oyaide FTVS-510 - 5N silver coaxial cable for digital signal transmission. Priced by the mt ..
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