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Black Rhodium - power connectors
Black Rhodim - Rhodium Plated Power Connectors  10a IEC Connector, 20a IEC Connector,Schuko ..
C7 Fig8 to IEC adaptor
F8(c7) to IEC adaptor If your not happy to cut and hard wire one of our silver plated male IEC co..
Furutech FI-09 IEC Inlet
FI-09 Panel inlet Specifications: Accommodates wire diameters to 4mm (set-screw) Dimensio..
Furutech FI-11-N
Furutech FI-11-N IEC connector 15A 125V / 10A 250V  < PS >E JET:15PJET086 USL /..
Furutech FI-28
Furutech F1-28 Gold or Rhodium High end IEC  Rating:15A 125V /10A 250V AC Features ..
Furutech FI-31G High current IEC
Furutech F1-31G 24K Gold plated 20A IEC High Performance 20A IEC Connector •Material: Nylon/fi..
Furutech FI-33 IEC Inlet
Furutech FI-33 20A IEC Inlet FI-33(G) 24k Gold-Plated or FI-33(R) Rhodium-Plated Type:2-p..
Furutech FI-50R High End IEC
Furutech FI-50R - FI-E50R(Schuko) - FI-50MR(Nema)  High end Rhodium IEC Connector • α (..
Martin Kaiser Angled C13 Connector
Martin Kaiser 10a 90degree IEC Connector  Standard or silver plated version This 10a (240..
Martin Kaiser flat 90-deg IEC
Martin Kaiser 90deg IEC Left hand  High Quality flat left/right handed IEC connect..
Martin Kaiser Straight C13 Connector
Martin Kaiser 10a IEC Connector - C13 - 794  Standard or Silver plated finish This 10a (2..
Martin Kaiser Straight C15 Connector
Martin Kaiser 10a IEC Connector - C15 783 Standard or Silver plated finish This 10a (240v) rat..
Oyaide 004
Oyaide 004 Range - Beryllium Copper plated    C-004 C15 IEC (10a/15a)..
Oyaide 029
Oyaide 029 Range - Brass    C-029 C15 IEC (10a/15a) P-029e Schuko &n..
Oyaide 037
Oyaide 37 Range - Silver+Rhodium plated    P-037 Power plug C-037 C15 IEC (1..
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