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Deoxit F100L

Deoxit F100L
Deoxit F100L
Brand: Caig Deoxit
Product Code: Deoxit F100L
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DeoxIT® F100L 25ml 100% concentrate - Needle applicator

(Applications = 1250 +/- drops, 0.02 ml/drop) 

Use with fader switches, decks, sliders, pots

DeoxIT® Fader Lube is a precision lubricant specifically formulated to improve conductivity and lubricate conductive plastic andcarbon compound faders, switches and other similar components. Over time these components lose their original lubrication from wear and/or repeated cleaning. Dust, dirt, drink spills and other contamination also degrade the components' lubricant. The need for re-lubrication is necessary to avoid excess wear and abrasion to the plastic surfaces.

Another use for DeoxIT® FaderLube is on conductive membrane switches and components. Oil, grease and acids build up on the membrane surfaces due to repeated finger contact and can lead to device malfunction. Applying DeoxIT® FaderLube will provide a long-lasting barrier against these types of contamination. The oil, grease and acids will be displaced above the DeoxIT® FaderLube layer preventing contact with the plastic membrane. 


Lubrication/protection of plastic-to-plastic parts (faders), plastic-to-metal parts (faders, linear sliders - dot matrix printers), metal-to-metal parts (sliding and slow rotating metal parts, locks, bearings), carbon-based controls (potentiometers) and membrane switches (mouse pointers, touch keypads). 

Cleans, enhances, lubricates - conductive plastics, ideal for DJ decks, bring them back to life and in A1 working order.

"Just thought you might like to know, this Deoxit stuff is amazing. I  was a bit sceptical about a product from the US with claims like these especially at this price, I usually buy switch cleaner off the market for a fifth of the price, but those cheapies haven't been able to do what this Deoxit does. t's already paid for itself by restoring the pots on my vintage amplifier,and one on my bass guitar.- comments relating to Deoxit D5

 Brilliant!! Cheers"

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