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Dynamique Horizon 2 Analogue Interconnect

Dynamique Horizon 2 Analogue Interconnect
Dynamique Horizon 2 Analogue Interconnect
Brand: Dynamique
Product Code: Dynamique Horizon 2 Analogue
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Dynamique Horizon 2 Analogue Interconnect

Dynamique Horizon 2 is a double-balanced interconnect design; four 19 AWG silver-plated copper conductors are used per channel in a star-quad geometry for superior noise rejection and a more spacious sound. We fit our brand new 'RCA-2' RCA plugs - ultra-low metal mass designs featuring tellurium copper conductors and 24k gold-plating, and a non-resonant gunmetal metal outer shell. Like Neo 2, Horizon sounds fast and detailed, but with greater refinement and a sweeter top-end.

Dynamique Horizon 2 interconnects are also available in balanced XLR format with Neutrik XX series silver-plated XLR plugs and optimised cable geometry.



  • CONDUCTOR TYPE:  Silver-plated OFC copper (7N)
  • CONDUCTOR GAUGE (RCA):  4 x 19 AWG, multistranded
  • CONDUCTOR GAUGE (XLR): 3 x 15 AWG, multistranded
  • GEOMETRY: Star-quad, double-balanced
  • CONNECTORS (RCA): Dynamique RCA-2 low-mass
  • CONNECTORS (XLR): Neutrik XX series


“…. this is a brilliant rollout of quality products from the get-go. There are brands that have been making cables for years that don't have this kind of consistency and neutral midrange. Dynamique rocks!"

Alan Sircom…HiFi+

SoundStage! Editor-in-Chief Jeff Fritz has selected Dynamique cables as one of five prestigious brands that he would use, cost no-object in his own system, as part of his ongoing article, 'What I'd Buy'. Jeff has unparalleled experience with flagship calibre audio components, famously authoring the article 'The World's Best Audio System' (TWBAS), a statement-level system of unparalleled fidelity, or as he puts it "An exploration of the absolute best in high-end audio equipment

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