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Ecosse Best Boy Stereo cable

Ecosse Best Boy Stereo cable
Brand: Ecosse
Product Code: Best Boy
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Ecosse The Composer 1.0mt 

The Ecosse Composer Interconnect is the cheapest cable on the planet to offer audiophile-quality MonocrystalTM ultra-pure conductor material, which it does so in the more important ‘going' conductor.

Best Boy DiagramThe supplied ‘interconnects' are worse than garbage-they're probably adding horrendously to ‘noise'in your music/movie system. Get rid of them, bin them, they're worth less than 50cents, and replace them with a genuine upgrade. The Ecosse ‘Best Boy  is our entry-level interconnect cable, designed to offer a significant upgrade in systems where supplied cables are inferior, mass-produced sub-standard.

Powerful Bass Delivery

It's already a 5-STAR AWARD WINNER: " delivers a good powerful bass-provided your source can provide it." WHAT HI-FI? SOUND & VISION.

The signal conductor of this coaxial cable is a rope-lay weave of Ultra-Hi Purity-OFCTM copper with a dielectric insulator of low-loss Foamed Polyethylene, renowned for its lack of sonic signature. The double screen and return conductor is 100% coverage Aluminium/Mylar foil plus a close-lapped Ultra-Hi Purity-OFCTM copper braid. A low microphony, soft PVC jacket protects the cable from the environment.

Superior RCA Plugs

The 'Best Boy's' high quality direct gold-plated brass ‘SUPERIOR' RCA plugs are the same as the plugs used in Ecosse's multi award-winning Composer Interconnect and offer far superior screening and signal transmission to those cheap and nasty RCA's usually fitted to the supplied leads-and unfortunately offered by many of our competitors on their far far more expensive cables.

Ecosse firmly believe that the 'Best Boy' offers unsurpassed quality at an unbelievably inexpensive price The 'Best Boy' is available in 1.0m pairs only, at a quite ridiculously low price.


Technical Specifications

Comment UHP-OFCTM Copper coaxial construction

Comment Aluminium-Mylar +  close-lapped UHP-OFCTM braid - double screen

Comment Rope-lay woven signal conductor

Comment Superior ultra low-loss Foamed Polyethylene dielectric

Comment 6mm circular o/d soft vibration-absorbing low density LDPVC sheath

Reviews & Testimonials

Comment " delivers a good powerful bass-provided your source can provide it. It also has an attractively open and sparkling treble, by the standards of entry-level cables, with good clarity and character."
What HI-FI? Sound and Vision Magazine, UK

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