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Ecosse Conductor Hi-Fi Cable

Ecosse Conductor Hi-Fi Cable
Brand: Ecosse
Product Code: The Conductor
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Ecosse The Conductor

This has to be one of the most acclaimed mid-priced interconnects of all time. Not only is it a WHAT HIFI? SOUND AND VISION INTERCONNECT OF THE YEAR, its garnered numerous other awards and superb reviews from across the globe.

The Conductor CA1 interconnect is screened with a double close-lapped braid of Ultra Hi-Purity (UHP) oxygen free copper and is terminated with our unique, constant impedance, non-compressing, double-screened MACH1TM RCA plugs with gold-plated copper conductors.

Conductor DiagramWe employ this double braiding to ensure maximum coverage from 'noise' ingress. This overlapping double braid increases the random closing of gaps and greatly reduces signal 'leakage', as it also improves the 'ground', thus preventing ‘current flow'. (Current flow in a ‘ground' conductor can be detrimental to the signal.)

Unique Feature

A unique feature to this, or any mid-priced interconnect, is the recent introduction of a 'sandwich' dielectric of superior low-loss Polyethylene in addition to its ultra low-loss Increased-Air (best earth-bound dielectric) Gas-Foamed Polyethylene (FPE) Dielectric. We also introduced a softer low density PVC jacket which affords a greater immunity to microphony. The pin joints throughout utilise Ecosse's new, improved low resistance, high strength SupersolderTM. Supersolder is our ultra high purity silver and tin alloy solid wire - used in conjunction with our unique, passive organic flux. Together these ensure a joint with ultra low chemical contaminants and very high strength.

With these improvements to the cable construction and with the resistance interface and RFI/EMI/ESI noise and distortion significantly reduced, you will perceive more information, even greater dynamics and more solid soundstaging - bringing you ever closer to the music as the artist intended it to be heard. The Conductor CA1 now offers faster, smoother, even fuller audio transmission.

At a price that suits most systems, this may well be the most versatile interconnect available. It is Ecosse's most popular interconnect cable and an established world-favourite with dealers and customers alike.

CS2.3 or CS4.2 biwire loudSpeaker cable compliments 'The Conductor CA1' particularly well. Better still try our new ES2.23 UltrafineTM stranded 'speaker', the price-per-performance ratio will astonish.

The Ecosse Advantage

Ecosse are the only company in the world offering non-compressing copper RCA plugs on our inexpensive premier/premier+ analogue, digital and video interconnects.

To maintain continuity and optimum conductivity, their contact points are made from OFC copper - same as the conductor wire itself (don't be fooled by inferior yet similar-looking brass plugs as used by some of our competitors, these are cheap and nasty!) Both centre pin and the return conjugate bracket (designed to form a 'Faraday Cage'- a device for reducing RFI) terminals or shells are direct gold hard-plated (others use 'flash-gold' plating which is a very thin coating that wears away very quickly and soon looks tarnished-you have been warned!). The plug casing is precision machined from highest quality copper alloy and is deep-plated. This thick casing offers further shielding - effectively a second 'Faraday Cage' - and reduces the ingress and radiation of EMI, ESI and RFI 'noise' even further, to virtually zero.

The interface of shells and casing is one of high mechanical impedance, dissipating energy and rendering microphonic effects negligible.

These shells are designed to perform a 5-fold function:

  1. They provide a terminal to which the return/screen conductors can be firmly crimped and soldered.
  2. They incorporate tiny teeth that grip the cable firmly and evenly around its circumference without compressing the cable and thereby maintain the cable's characteristic impedance right up to the solder joint.
  3. When assembled, they form a Faraday cage, screening the signal right up to and including the RCA socket.
  4. They form a union of high mechanical impedance with the outer casing, dissipating energy and therefore rendering the plug immune to the effects of microphony.
  5. They firmly locate and clamp the centre pin's polypropylene dielectric, which, in conjunction with the outer casing, results in a strong, stable and extremely durable structure.


Technical Specifications

Comment Multi award-winning UHP-OFCTM signal conductors

Comment Dual close-lapped UHP-OFCTM braid screens

Comment Rope-lay woven signal conductors

Comment Superior ultra low loss Low-Density Foamed Polyethylene dielectric

Comment 8.5mm o/d vibration-absorbing low density LDPVC sheath


Reviews & Testimonials

Comment "Surprisingly, so far they seem to be comparable to my reference cables in many respects. No, at fifteen times the price, my reference interconnects (Kimber Select) are better but this Ecosse (Conductor) MK11 interconnect is performing at a level well beyond its moderate price!"
Enjoy The Music Magazine, USA

Comment "Ecosse is fast becoming a name synonymous with everything thats quality about cable-and that includes its CA1 interconnect."It has an even touch that allows all genres of music to sound their best."

What HiFi? Ultimate Guide, UK

Comment "Able to pound out the heaviest of beats with the best of them without losing any of the speed and detail from the original recording it's a sure-fire buy for rockers and dance fans alike. Switch to classical and the cable's a winner too..."


Comment "...a beautifully constructed cable with exceptionally high quality phono plugs."

HI-FI World Magazine, UK

Comment "...this is a great cable for the money."

What HI-FI? Sound and Vision Magazine, UK


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