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Ecosse MS2.15 Speaker Cable

Ecosse MS2.15 Speaker Cable
Brand: Ecosse
Product Code: MS2.15-Speaker Cable
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Ecosse MS2.15 Monocrystal Solid core speaker cable - Speaker cable Pair ( L & R )

Or perhaps....the MS2.15 speaker cable is, in some situations, (eg where high frequency ‘glare' is a problem) preferable. The MS2.15 is an audiophile performance, full bandwidth speaker cable...

MS2.3 Diagram...sometimes necessary when we acknowledge that some amplifier/loudspeaker combinations, while exhibiting much strength, may suffer well documented slight upper-mid glare and treble edginess (and/or over-emphasised bass). The greater strengths of its perfectly circular solidcore conductors provide the solution to this problem.

HI-FI NEWS AND RECORD REVIEW MAGAZINE couldn't have put it ANY better when they said recently

"...a very sophisticated sounding cable, and one through which music possesses all the poise and refinement that your system might muster" OUTSTANDING PRODUCT AWARD, BEST IN TEST

...beating similar/mostly higher priced cables from Kimber, Atlas, Chord, VdH, Wireworld etc (and the SECOND highest score-85pts-ever awarded by HI-FI News, the longest running, most prestigious hifi magazine in the world. Guess which loudspeaker cable achieved the highest score EVER in Hi-Fi News-clue its by Ecosse!).

The occupation area for the mid and high frequency signals in a solidcore conductor is greater than a stranded conductor of similar X-section, therefore resistance is reduced and delivery of high frequency information is improved and even extended. Low DC resistance meanwhile maintains low frequency extension and control, presenting it with weight, speed and perfect pitch accuracy. The result is an improved sense of ambience and larger soundstage; vocals are clearer with real presence and natural breath tones; glare and edginess give way to a sweeter and more detailed treble.


Twisted Pair Construction

A precision twisted pair construction where only the highest quality materials are used. The conductors are two solid cores of perfectly circular very high purity MonocrystalTM copper. High-grade polypropylene extrusions form the dielectric, the thickness of which is kept to a very close tolerance throughout the length of the cable, in recognition that the maintenance of a constant relationship between the conductors is paramount in ensuring full bandwidth frequency and phase linearity.

The conductors are then precision twisted with cotton fibres and tightly bound in cotton paper. This assembly ensures that the cable has high RFI, EMI and ESI rejection characteristics, is mechanically damped and that microphony is obviated. A cladding of soft PVC completes the structure, chosen for its excellent vibration-damping and environmental protection qualities.

Can be terminated with Momocrystal spades or logo Bananas POA

Technical Specifications

Comment 1.76mm sq x 2 x-section cable for treble extension

Comment Perfectly circular MonocrystalTM Cu solidcore conductors

Comment Superior low-loss PP dielectric insulation

Comment Cotton fibre and paper tape acoustic damping

Comment 7.5mm o/d circular soft PVC jacket

Conductor resistance 0.010 Ohm @ 20C
Capacitance 61.54pF/m
Inductance 0.61uH/m @ 1kHz


Reviews & Testimonials

Comment "Transparency and detail par excellence...stunning performance...our lasting impression-smooth, ‘quiet' and inherently detailed...the MS2.15 allowing the original energy of the piece to suffuse its performance" Key to this is its rejection of edge-of-perception ‘hash'...dynamics were simply more ‘dynamic' "
Hi-Fi News and Record Review Magazine, UK

Comment "It reveals a lovely sense of space and air around a recording's individual elements but with no sense of the  music being forced or gilded. Cables don't come much simpler or elegant" 

Hi-Fi News and Record Review Magazine (Best in Test), UK

Comment " outstanding (performance) one from the MonocrystalTM types especially the purity and clarity available from the solidcore (MS2.15)."

"The star here is the MS2.15, using 2 x 1.5mm solid core conductors that give exceptional midrange and treble purity able to 'clean up' systems which otherwise sound grainy in this area."
Peter J. Comeau, HI-FI News and Record Review Magazine, UK


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