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No Noise HF

No Noise HF
Brand: Fidelity Audio
Product Code: No Noise HF
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No noise HF

TM3 can now offer a range of filters to suppress mains-borne noise and high voltage transients and surges. Plug these mains filters in next to your system and it will create a "noise free" area around it. You will hear more detail and see better pictures. Use more filters and the benefits will accumulate with the mains becoming cleaner still.

Each filter is designed and built in house and made to order, no cloak and daggers just good quality filters at a sensible price!

The No Noise HF filter is designed to work in conjunction with our other filters by filtering out much higher frequency noise such as RFI.

RFI noise operates in the 150kHz to 300MHz band which may interfere with Audio equipment, TV’s, computers and other electrical equipment.

Features & benefits:

* Reduces High Frequency noise such as RFI
* Operates @ 4 different frequency ranges
* 150KHz to 150Mhz operating region
* Removes high frequency hash from the local mains (where unit is fitted)


RFI Noise Reduction

Reducing RFI (Radio-frequency Interference) noise using filtering technologies presents significant design challenges. Since high frequency energy can "jump" around components and travel along leads, audio equipment and televisions suffer as this energy reached the delicate circuits.

Correct Filter Application

An RFI filter will be most effective when installed correctly. Although the filter reduces noise on the power lines (conducted emissions), it should be located as close as practical to the audio / tv equipment to reduce broadcasting of the noise (radiated emissions) from the power lines themselves. As noise is shorted to ground through a capacitor network.


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