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Digital Coax

Digital Coax

Digital Signals can be very susceptable to unwanted external interferences, it is therefore very important to fit a good quality cable to give you the best chance of exceptional sound reproduction.

The cable should neither change or add to the sound but replicate it to the best of its ability. We have proven, tried and tested brands and designs in stock.

High bandwith codecs will be well catered for and all of our cables can be made to your specification, length as well as termination. Email us with your requirement.

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Belden 1694a Digital Coax
Belden 1694a Digital Coax-Terminated with genuine Canare RCAP RCAs  Identical cable to ..
Belden 1694a Digital Coax
Belden 1694a Digital Coax-Terminated with genuine Canare RCAP RCAs Transported high frequenc..
Black Rhodium Oratorio DCT++ Digital
Black Rhodium ORATORIO DCT++ Digital Interconnect The latest incarnation of this ever p..
Black Rhodium Phantom Digital DCT++ Interconnect
Black Rhodium PHANTOM DCT++ Digital Interconnect Stunning performance, at an affordable pric..
Black Rhodium Prelude Digital
Black Rhodium PRELUDE Digital Interconnect The Prelude is a high quality interconnect designed fo..
Black Rhodium Rondo Digital
Black Rhodium RONDO Digital Interconnect Black Rhodium Rondo is a mid range digital interconnect,..
Black Rhodium Symphony Digital
Black Rhodium SYMPHONY Digital Interconnect This cable will enhance your system, through the..
Ecosse The Director
The Director The Brief: to design a no-compromise true 75ohm digital interconnect allowing the mu..
Ecosse The Executive
Ecosse The Executive Designed to bridge the gap between our multi award-winning ‘Producer' and pr..
Ecosse The Producer Digital
Ecosse The Producer We introduced this cable to the world market in the year 2000-it won Best Dig..
Ecosse The Soundman
The soundman  Of course, for audiophiles with reference level 2-box transport and DAC CD/SAC..
Odin Polyphonie Digital Cable
ODIN Polyphonie - Digtial audio cable Digital cable with 4 high-purity, thermally treated and pol..
Opera DCT++ Digital
Black Rhodium OPERA DCT++ Digital Interconnect The Opera DCT++ is our most popular interconn..
Oyaide DR-510
Oyaide DR-510 The ultimate combination of FTVS-510 and SLSB/SLSC for pure silver transmission -..
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