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Oyaide BR Turntable Sheet

Oyaide BR Turntable Sheet
Oyaide BR Turntable Sheet Oyaide BR Turntable Sheet Oyaide BR Turntable Sheet
Brand: Oyaide
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Oyaide HS - The ultra-thin turntable sheet made of butyl rubber w/stroboscope and overhung guage.

BR-ONE (image 1) made by butyl rubber, is the 1mm thick turntable sheet.
Its excellent vibration damping property absorbs vibration generated on the platter and maximizes the property of MJ-12. The simple usage of BR-ONE is that you just place it between turntable platter and MJ-12. It will also have good result combining with your other turntable sheets .

BR-12 (image 2) is a vibration-damping butyl rubber sheet that takes its tapered shape and tuning hole layout after MJ-12, Pyaide's aluminium turntable sheet. With high-friction butyl rubber it has great grip and great contact to vynl disc to avoid slip even when its used with high pressure stylus.

At its sensational appearance in 2010, Oyaide "MJ-12" aluminium turntable sheet attracted audiophile's attention by its beautiful figure. Then they have started to produce its option item which enhances the performance of MJ-12, that was the butyl rubber 1mm thin turntable sheet, BR-ONE.

Now Oyaide had done many butyl rubber compound test and they found , to enhance BR-ONE's vibration suppression , tungsten is the material that can improve sound quality. They also found that MJ-12's tapered shape and tuning hole layout pattern on it is also effective with rubber material. With these findings taken into design, Oyaide has developed new turntable sheet , BR-12.

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