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About Us

Welcome to TM3Connections 

TM3 originated from an idea born from a desire and passion to provide fellow enthusiasts with home audio and video equipment. Relentless in the pursuit of Hi-Fi perfection we like most of you have spent a small fortune, sometimes with very little gain.

We have also recognized that some Hi-fi kit was overrated, over marketed and certainly overpriced. There is a large and growing group of people who have already made the same discovery, many prefer to construct their own designs or by using other not so highly marketed brands which have gained a reputation amongst various AV forums.

We are privileged to be stockists of some excellent products, well known brand names combined with a mixture of our own, we hope to offer you the customer a wide and varied range of items all designed to improve listening and viewing pleasure.

The members of TM3 have between them over 20+ years of experience in various fields ranging from wholesaling, engineering, electrical installation, marketing and accounting. Between us we have added our own individual talents and constructed a very able and enthusiastic group.

Our history did originate from EBay, to start with we wanted to get in front of the widest audience possible in the shortest space of time and the EBay portal gave us just that, true in fact many consider this to be an absolute NO with our type of products and we would imagine a great number of people would indeed cringe at the very thought. However we have made a great number of friends and associates during our time and we are very much indebted to so many people who also use Ebay and continue to do so.

Our aim is to provide a wide offering for everything that is AV; our goal is to provide a one stop site for all enthusiasts, bulk rates for larger users, single items for one off buyers, we want to combine our knowledge with that of our suppliers and provide an efficient and reliable service for anyone. If you are a toe in the water beginner or a keen hi-fi audiophile I am sure we can help you. 


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