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Hi-Fi Cable & product reviews

These have been kindly provided by our customers and are a great insight into what we are about. They are an invaluable source of reassurance to you the customer.We are very proud of them and cannot thank the clients who have taken the time and trouble to send them, thank-you.

If you would like to write a review, or have anything to say good or bad about TM3Connections please mail it to

We are more than happy to add it to our pages and listings ! 


Silver plated products 


Top quality silver plating!!5 star service, highly recommended to you all. Thanks

"I bought the same silver plated plug from ........ At the end of last year and can honestly say that the quality of yours leaves it standing. I would like to congratulate you on offering a top quality product and service it's much appreciated. Good luck for the future and no doubt I shall be back for more."

 I just wanted to personally thank you for an amazing experience with tm3connections. Your swift response to my questions was very much appreciated and the items you sent me turned up with blinding speed. In fact they showed up in days all the way on the other side of the globe! Brilliant! These IEC terminations look amazing. I am yet to burn these babies in, but first impressions are very impressive. Thank you once again. I will be paying my HIFI dealer a visit shortly to pass on your URL. It is extremely hard to find good quality Silver IEC connectors, and now I have a very, very good source.
Thanks again.Ross (Australia)

Jumper cables - You made a longer set of these for me some months ago. I was using them with an old set of speakers I had and then put them in storage. Last weekend I had occasion to pull them out as substitute for a pair of very well known US flat ribbon jumpers costing excess of £1000, which I had previously thought to be top drawer - WRONG!! Your jumpers outperformed them by some margin in the mid and high frequencies. Have you ever tried them as full range speaker cables? The results may be interesting.  

General comments 

TM3 claim that performance is directly attributable to the quality of material used. Being a customer of yours for some time now, and having purchased silver mains cables and an interconnect from your good selves thishas proved to be the case. This 8 -core silver speaker has proved to be the final piece in my jigsaw. My system has moved up into another league and has now taken in the 'holographic ' quality which has proved so elusive in the past. Bass is cleaner and deeper. Midrange has become more expressive, and the upper range has also become cleaner. I can now hear detail like singers drawing breath. A group of singers can now be heard in their individual spaces. Sibilance is virtually non-existent and instruments like symbols sound just like they should. Soundstage is massive encompassing the whole speaker area and beyond. All emanating from a silent background and all before the cable is burnt in. I am in no doubt it will get much better, as past experience has shown this to be the case .To summarize, this is an outstanding cable, built to a very high standard using the finest ingredients. However I didn't need to take out a bank loan to purchase it. Audiophiles take note - if you want the best at ' real-world ' prices you have to take a listen to this special cable. If you do, like me, you will want to have it in your system.

I have purchased several DYI items from TM3 and got them delivered in few days to the Middle East. Matt provided valuable advice and even adjusted (increased) some quantities to suit my needs, without price increase. This was an excellent experience and TM3 are now included in my Favourites folder for all future DYI purchases. Well done! Z Popovic, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Thanks guys, My Ecosse speaker cables arrived on Friday and everything was in order an even above my expectation.   Thanks for the great service! I will definitely recommend your services with my friends in South Africa.   The cables sound great! Even though they aren't even properly "worn-in". I will definitely spend more time with my hi-fi in the next couple of weeks.   Best regards, Emil.

"I am delighted with my purchase it has improved my system in all areas"                                                                              

"Another brilliant deal with TM3 - cannot recommend highly enough! AAA+++"recommend highly enough! AAA+++"

"As a regular TM3 customer, I can honestly say these guys are top drawer!"                                                                        

"EXCELLENT PRODUCT...GREAT SERVICE AS ALWAYS...AUDIOPHILES TAKE NOTE"                                                              

"EXCELLENT trader! - Consistent A1 service-HIGHLY recommended - thanks again"                                                                 

 "Excellent service, quality products.

 110% recommended. Thank you!!!"

"Excellent. Paid for Item at 6.30 pm on Friday

"Fantastic product, delivery fast as lightning. Recommended with honors. AAAAA++"                                                               

"I'AM SPEECHLESS, BUT MY SYSTEM IS QUITE THE OPPOSITE, BIG THANKS"                                                                  

"QUALITY goods QUALITY Company very helpful pleasure to do business"                                                                 

"Superb customer service. Excellent product packed well and sent immediately."                                                          

"The usual excellent service from Tm3connections. A++++++"                                                                                           

Wow - placed under amp - amazing! sharpened sound - highly recommend                                                                           

Excellent. Very well made cable. Major improvement. Recommended. Many thanks  E D + + + + + A + + + + +

Exactly as described. TM3 is fantastic as always. Great service! Thanks again!                                                                       

Awesome product that really works! Fast delivery. A1 Seller.                                                                                        

Top product, best price, great service, fast delivery and superb communications  


Silver Lace audio IC    Received silver lace, what can I say! Right out of the box [my god they came in a box!] quality was obvious attention to detail is exemplary. I've been listening to them for 40 minutes and they blow the .......... out of the water.I'm hearing things on favorite discs I've never heard before and I know from past experience that they will get much better. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to own a cable of this caliber.Incidentally a couple of my audiophile friends are coming to listen to my system because I've been raving about your products so much. Perhaps more orders to follow? I'll be listening to my music for the rest of the afternoon and probably many more afternoons.

X32 Speaker cable  Dear TM3 - Cables arrived safely on Friday beautifully packaged.   It took me until Monday morning to carefully redo the internal wiring of my speakers and connect the X32. Last night, after only 36 hrs ‘burn-in', the sound is significantly better in all areas.   So far I am extremely pleased and I know it will get better.  I will give you more detailed feedback after a few weeks. Thank you for your level of service, it has been excellent throughout. I realize that to achieve this level of performance I could have spent 10 times the investment elsewhere. Incredible value for money. I have found all my dealings with TM3 very professional and would have no hesitation recommending you to anyone. I hope your business flourishes and is a great success.

Follow on comments - Dear TM3 - I felt it was time to give you the promised feedback on the X32 and 8 Core Jumper cable now that both are 'burnt in' and my hearing has fully recovered following a heavy cold. My response to the improvement in musical enjoyment can be summed up as 'WOW!' The X32 and the internal re-wire have brought about a dramatic improvement in sound quality.

My speakers are are fed from Cyrus CD8X and DAC X both with their own PSX-R power supplies. I feel the X32 and rewiring the speakers internally has fully realized the excellent potential of this equipment. The sound is simply breathtaking with all instruments sounding natural, open and detailed.   It is the closest thing to 'being there' way beyond anything I could have hoped for a couple of years ago. I am re listening to all my favorite CDs as there is so much more than with my old speaker cables, and these were pretty good. What I am particularly please with is the gain to cost ratio.   Anyone can spend a fortune and get good quality.   I feel by careful selection I have achieved excellence for a reasonable outlay.   I never thought I could afford the high end but now feel I'm there.

I believe them to be outstanding at a very reasonable price.   This coupled with your interest and service makes TM3 one of the best suppliers I have come across.  


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